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Meat Sticks
Meat Sticks

Meat Sticks

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Our smoked pork meat sticks are a great go-to snack. Throw them in your purse, are or keep at home for a tasty treat.


Sweet BBQ: sweet, tangy, smokey BBQ flavor.

Sweet Annie Brown: real honey and brown sugar.

Bold Teriyaki: sweet asian teriyaki fusion.

Ghost Fire: habenero based with ghost pepper.

Hot Cajun: spicy pepperoni.

Sweet Maple Bacon: maple syrup and bacon.

Smoked Hickory: old school hickory snack stick.

Country Delight: real sharp cheddar with a smoked ham taste.

Pepperoni: a classic.

Old # 9: steak marinated in sweet bourbon peppercorn.

Hot BBQ: BBQ with red pepper flakes.

Sunrise Stick: breakfast sausage blend.

Chili Cheese: just like a chili cheese dog.

Sweet Fire: sweet annie brown with a kick.